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I am an expert in the field of practical ethics and technological change. I am the author of an comprehensive and innovative book on business ethics, Hard Like Water: Ethics in Business (Oxford University Press, Toronto: Oct., 1998). I have published widely on a range of current issues:
  • Business Ethics
  • The Knowledge Economy
  • Environmental Issues
  • Technological & Science
  • Communications
  • Social and Political Issues.

I have consulted for various organizations, private and public, on ethics and financing matters. I have given ethics workshops and spoken on the above themes at several business and media conferences (see the Speaking & Workshop Services page for more information). I have also presented Technological Change and Ethical Problem Solving Workshops to various groups (see the Consulting Services).

I am an ethics consultant, especially in the areas of ethics codes and sustainability. I have advised several groups on ethics codes. I helped an Asian working group of Boehringer Ingelheim, a large international pharmaceutical company, to develop a new Ethics Code. I am a Consulting Associate of EthicScan of Toronto, Canada's leading business ethics consultancy. I advised EthicScan clients on sustainability in the mining and energy industries. I have participated with other Associates in offering EthicScan workshops to business clients. (See the Consulting Services page). I am current (2004) editor of the Corporate Ethics Monitor, a business ethics newsletter published by EthicScan. I have contributed frequently to the pages of the Monitor.

I am an Associate of Sharwood Company, a Toronto limited market dealer in venture capital formation. In that capacity I have interviewed and advised clients seeking venture financing. I also am an adviser, and former Director, for Aurora Microsystems in Sudbury, an entrepreneurial systems integration information technology firm. I helped Aurora Microsystems develop their business outreach strategy, formulate an Internet business plan for potential investors, and consulted for the firm on meetings management. From 1994 to 1997 I worked with Langford Ltd., a Sudbury mining technology company, on developing an environmental mining project in Peru.

I have written a variety of reports and briefs for businesses, non-profit organizations and government commissions (see the Writings page of this Website). page.)

I have published and spoken widely on the subjects of the intellectual property, R&D, technological change, science and social values, business ethics, and Canadian social thought. Science Engineering and Ethics has for example just published my article on assessing diverse stakeholder perceptions of complex socio-technical problems (namelly, pollution & nuclear energy). I was also guest editor for a recent issue of the Journal of Business Ethics, devoted to the theme of 'Business Ethics in Canada: Distinctiveness and Directions'(see the Speaking & Writing page).

>From 1991 to 1995 I led the Environmental Values and Technological Innovation research project, which studied the ways in which environmentally friendly technological innovations helped some resource companies in northern Ontario to both meet and surpass pollution abatement regulations and improve the productivity of their mills and mines. The project was supported by $84,000 in grants from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and from Ministries of the Ontario and Federal governments.

I am currently exploring the issues of intellectual property, R&D, and communications in the 21st century knowledge economy. I am also working on a new book, on mapping the dynamics of high tech society. In 2002 IEEE Technology and Society Magazine published the framework essay for that project: Technological Complexity and Ethical Control.

I am a University of Sudbury Emeritus Professor in Philosophy. While there I taught courses in business ethics, communication and technology, across the philosophy curriculum. In addition I taught in Laurentian University's unique Interdisciplinary Masters Program in Values and Interpretation, which I helped develop. I was also a part-time lecturer in the Laurentian University School of Commerce and Administration, teaching in the business ethics and business and government areas. I can therefore offer a variety of teaching services to clients (see the Teaching Services page).

I am the publicity representative for the Barrie Art Club, where I recently showed a selection of my abstract and representative paintings. (see the Paintings page for details) I am a member of the Barrie Chamber of Commerce, the Doran Park and Barrie Tennis clubs. I am married, with two children and three cats.

I received my PhD in philosophy from the University of Toronto. My doctoral thesis was on evolution and cognitional process in Bernard Lonergan's magisterial work, Insight: A study of Human Understanding.

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