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I offer consulting and advisory services in several areas: sustainability, ethics / conduct codes, organizational ethics, media ethics, meetings management and communications, report writing, business plan writing, and venture financing, (see below for a list of Clients).

My approach is not confined to narrow specialist disciplines. Borders, I feel, are made to be crossed. I prefer the concrete, the empirical, the social and practical over the legalistic concern with procedure, or the logician's demand for abstract reasoning. I find helpful ideas and methods in many places: the natural and human sciences, the arts, philosophy, economics, management about nature, business, music, technologies, engineering, medicine, poetry, philosophy, and on the street.

Our approach should be intelligent. It should be driven by the problem, and the need to solve it. Many of today's social and technical problems are complex. They arise in dynamically changing environments. They call for adaptive, intelligent and flexible responses. Solving them involves creatively integrating a variety of skills.

I also offer a variety of writing services: assisting clients in developing and writing reports, briefs, and other communications (see below for a list of Reports). I would be happy to discuss ways in which I could help potential clients with these and related matters. Please contact me about your interests or needs. Rates are available on request.

Writing Services
I would be happy to discuss ways in which I could help you with these and related matters. Please contact me about your concerns and needs. Rates are available on request.

Client List
  • Consulting Associate, EthicScan Canada. I have consulted for EthicScan business clients on sustainability in the mining and energy industries. I have also been involved in presenting EthicScan conferences and workshops and written for its main publication, the Corporate Ethics Monitor.

  • Adviser and Consultant to Aurora MicroSystems, Sudbury, Ontario. Consultation with Kevin Fitzgerald, CEO, re Business Plan to attract venture capital for an innovative Application Service Provider (ASP) proposal. 2000-2001. The plan helped Aurora MicroSystems to negotiate a partnership agreement with the media group of Roger's Cable Systems of Toronto. 1997-1998.

  • Advice re Meetings Management to Kevin Fitzgerald, President and CEO. Aurora MicroSystems, Sudbury Ontario. August-September, 1999.

  • Ethics Code development. For Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Met with the Young Managers Ethics Code Project Group at their Shanghai meeting in November 1998. In early January, 1999 I presented a draft Ethics Code to the Group.

  • Associate, Sharwood Company, Toronto. Venture Capital Limited Market Dealer. I have vetted possible friendly equity venture projects for Sharwood. From 1997 to the present.

  • Environmental Systems Adviser. Langford Ltd, a Sudbury mining technology company. I accompanied company principals to Peru. There I made presentations on environmental regulations and public policy to representatives of the Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru and of several mining companies. 1994-1995.

  • Consultation and Report re Disruption and Harassment sections of Ethics Code. For Cambrian Community Applied Arts and Technology College. Sudbury, 1993.

  • Consultation on the Formation of an Ethics Committee; with the CEO, Network North Psychiatric Hospital, Sudbury. January to April, 1993; January, 1995.

  • Consultant on Ethics Questions for the executive game, SUCCESS in cooperation with Aegis Business Development Group, Toronto, 1990.

  • Application Service Provider Business Plan. For Kevin Fitzgerald, President, Aurora Microsystems, Sudbury. October, 2001. Includes 5 year financing plan. 33 pages.

  • ASP Project Financing. For Kevin Fitzgerald, President, Aurora Microsystems, Sudbury. October, 2001. 2 pages

  • Aurora Microsystems Mission. For Kevin Fitzgerald, President, December, 1997. 12 pages.

  • Aurora Microsystems -Meetings Diagnostics Report. For Kevin Fitzgerald, President. August, 18, 1999. 7 pages.

  • Aurora Venture Financing Business Plan. December, 1997.

  • Regulating at the Speed of Light. Brief submitted to the Canadian Radio Television Commission 1998 New Media hearings. 30 September, 1998. Report: 18 pages; Exec. Summary: 3 pages.

  • Convergence and Diversity: Business Ethics in New Zealand's Universities. A report commissioned by the University of Auckland Business School Sent to all New Zealand Universities, and Unitec Polytechnic in Auckland, and three participating Australian universities. June 3, 1998. 10 pages.

  • Environmental Values at Falconbridge. Environmental Values and Technological Innovation (EVTI) project Case Study draft report to Falconbridge Ltd. on its environmental management systems. February, 1995. 48 pages. Executive Summary; 3 Appendices; 6 charts.

  • Report on the Formation of an Ethics Committee. Submitted to Sudbury Network North Psychiatric Hospital. April, 1995: 2 pages.

  • Environmental Regulation of Mining: An Appropriate Developing Nations Approach. Report and lecture prepared for Langford Limited, Sudbury (formerly Citland Canada). Presented to business and government representatives in Lima, Peru, during our visit there. May, 1994: 11 pages.

  • Harassment and Human Rights Policy. Report Submitted to the University of Sudbury Board of Directors. December, 1993: 9 pages.

  • Energy Project/Sunthetic Plant. Report to Environmental Technology Committee of Sudbury Next Ten Years Conference. Re the the $700 million Sunthetic Energy Inc. proposal for a Mixed Oxygenate Plant. Conference sponsored by the Sudbury Regional Development Corporation and the Sudbury Chamber of Comerce. 27 August, 1992. 9 pages.

  • Ethics, Democracy and the Constitution. Brief to the Senate/House Joint Committee on Amending the Constitution, Toronto hearings. 23 April, 1991.

  • We Need to ask the Right Questions. Brief presented to the Ontario Legislature Committee on the Constitution, Sudbury. February 11, 1991.

  • Sudbury 2001 and the Fairford Controller. Report for Sudbury Regional Development Commission & Sudbury 2001 conference. 1982. 4 pages.

  • Brief on religious TV channel application. With other University of Sudbury professors. Presented to the Canadian Radio Television Commission Hearings on Religious Television Channel Applications. June, 1981.

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